The Mission of Chi Phi

Chi Phi was founded as a social organization; a group of like-minded individuals formed Chi Phi in order to promote the values they held close to their soul. These values can best be summarized as Truth, Honesty, and Personal Integrity. The promotion of these three values is what guides this fraternity.

Chi Phi and RPI

The Theta Chapter at RPI has a long and treasured history with the school itself, and not just because the fraternity and the school were founded in the same year (1824). Some of the school's most notable alumni were Chi Phi brothers (including George Ferris and George Wallace), and many aspects of RPI culture have been influenced by Chi Phi brothers.

The customs of electing Rensselaer's Grand Marshal came about when Independence Grove, an oddly-named brother of Chi Phi, was elected GM in 1882. Little has changed since Independence set the rules and methodology of electing the leader of the Rensselaer Union. More recently, Chi Phi's involvement in RPI's artistic culture became evident in the founding of Ground Zero. Two creative Chi Phi Brothers decided to create an atmosphere conducive to artistic expression, and helped found the school's first and only themed housing.

The current chapter of Chi Phi at RPI does its best to symbolize the three core values in its membership. The chapter helps out in such ways as: hosting a blood drive, cleaning up parks, staffing a Goodwill store, staffing a homeless shelter, and various drives that promote necessary organizations.

Chi Phi also promotes social life at RPI, bringing mirth and hilarity to the city of Troy. Whether participating in intramural sport leagues, organizing informal sports games, hosting a party, and providing other forms of entertainment for the RPI population, having a great time is part of our purpose here at RPI.